0.9.23 Release Candidate 1 and call for translations

We're moving closer and closer to the release. It's about time, isn't it?

Also, we kindly ask contributors to help with translations.

Big Grin

We announce Release Candidate 1 for 0.9.23.

Frozen hog!

We ask all translators to send us translations. We promise not to change any strings before the next release (the so-called string freeze).
See Translations for details and/or talk to us in our chatroom.

Release Candidate 1

Here's the first release candidate (=preview) version of what will (hopefully) become version 0.9.23.

Look! A wild change log appeared! It's gigantic!

As always, bug reports are highly appreciated. If you want to help us, please test the major game features and post your findings here here.

For Windows users
Download 0.9.23 Release Candidate 1: Hedgewars-0.9.23-RC1.zip

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up 54300512e742;cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows version. Note you need SDL version 2 now.


If you want to help with translations, click here for the full post.

So, first of all, thanks for everyone who wants to help us. Your help will be really needed this time, there are many texts to translate.

We promise to not change any texts in the programs until the next release. If you want to translate Hedgewars, now is the perfect time to do it.

Sadly, our translation system is a bit complicated, see Translations to learn how it works. You can also talk to us in the chat, which we highly recommend.

Some things of interest:

  • The German translation is already complete
  • The .lua files have significant additions, especially because two campaign missions weren't translatable in 0.9.22.
  • The names of campaigns and campaign missions are now translatable as well
  • A large amount of engine strings have been added as well, including new taunts and it's also possible to translate the loading screen

Please note that I will be using the bugs in new releases forum topic from now on. Posted comments to these news pots are too hard to keep up with.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget us OS X users!

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