Hedgewars 0.9.25 released!

Hooray, version 0.9.25 is here!


  • Complete overhaul of Continental supplies
  • Can adjust weapon start and crate probabilities in Balanced Random Weapon
  • Lots of smaller tweaks for existing weapons
  • Remove rubber duck
  • Rework team rankings
  • Tied teams now rank equally
  • Help button in main menu
  • 19 new hedgehog taunts
  • Many new Lua API features
  • Bugfix: Functionality of controllers restored
  • Bugfix: Fix at least 2 crashes
  • Bugfix: Fixed some awkward network bugs which caused games to come to a standstill
  • Bugfix: Many bugs related to the wrap world edge fixed (but not all)
  • Bugfix: Sudden Death always came exactly 1 turn later than planned

There are many other smaller changes as well (mostly bugfixes)! Smile
See the changelog.

See the Download page to obtain Hedgewars.

Follow this link to read more

Continental supplies improvements

Continental supplies has seen the most improvements and a complete overhaul.

First, the selection of continents is now more straight-forward. The first turn is now used only to select your continent, you can't do anything else. This gives players a bit more “thinking” time.

Antarctica has a new special: Upside-Down World. It's a little crazy special for your pick hammer and teleports your hog to the top of the world. Expect fall damage!

Most other improvements revolve around better usability, readability and improved effects. Everything is a lot more consistent and a lot of weird or confusing behaviour got changed.

Configurable Balanced Random Weapon

Balanced Random Weapon fans rejoice! It is now possible to select which weapons you'll play with in Balanced Random Weapon by editing the weapon scheme.

To learn how it works, read the wiki page on Balanced Random Weapon.

Weapon tweaks

Air mines have seen some changes! First, you can freeze them with the freezer, but they have to stand still. Once an air mine is frozen, it acts like terrain and hogs can walk on it, but beware, it's slippery! Like mines, frozen air mines will explode on any hit.

Air mines can get hit and pushed by couple of projectiles, including shoryuken and shotgun. That's not all, they will also get stunned for a few seconds by punches, bullets and other forms of abuse.

The shotgun can fire through portals now. Bang!

Rubber duck is gone

As explained before, the rubber duck is finally completely gone from the game as it was not very useful.

More taunts

Hedgehogs now have a couple of new unique taunts.
There are now taunts for good turns/attacks, when getting attacked by same hog repeatedly, a hog got its revenge. There are more types of attack voices and more variants of some existing reactions.

Most official voice pack do support these new taunts, but a few of them remain unchanged. Don't worry, they still work as usual.

Reworked team rankings

The team rankings in previous versions were pretty broken. In normal games, only the winning clan ranked correctly on rank 1, but the lower ranks had no meaningful order. Also the ranking did not represent ties correctly. This has been changed, and new ranking rules apply.

These are the new ranking rules:

  • The surviving clan ranks 1st
  • The other clans rank in the reverse order they died
  • If multiple clans die in the same turn, they share a rank

In other words, the longer you survive, the better your rank.

The clan that died first will rank last.
The clan that died second will rank second-to-last.
And the clan that died last will rank second.

Ties are also handled properly in a few styles:

  • Racer and TechRacer: Clans with the same time rank equally
  • Space Invasion: This style now has a tie-breaker. If 2 clans have the same score at the end, more rounds will be played until there's a winner

Sudden Death bugfix

Sudden Death had a subtle but a somewhat unfair bug: The turn in which Sudden Death actually started was always 1 turn too late. The problem was that it started in the “middle” of a round, not at the start of one.

For example, if Sudden Death was scheduled for round 4, Sudden Death started not in round 4, but in the turn after round 4 has started.

This created a somewhat unfair advantage to “early” teams, but this has been fixed now.

Other changes

Other changes include more features in the Lua API (relevant for those who create scripts and missions). And there's a large number of bugfixes (again!).
Full changelog here

Setting course for version 1.0.0!

This version is probably the final release with a leading “0” in the version number. A lot of bugs have been fixed this time, but there might be still a few smaller problems to resolve, which we hope to fix soon.
We plan that the next release will be version 1.0.0, and I'm very excited for saying this!

To make sure everything works smoothly, we need your help as well. If you find any bugs or problems in the game, even small ones, please report them to us.

And most important of all …

Have fun! Smile Big Grin

These updates look awesome!!! Glad to see the game is improving and becoming even more awesome Big Grin

win. update 1803 - works fine
win. update 1809 - splash screen and nothing (like 0.9.24/1)

This release run lovely here, plus I really appreciate the new interactions with airmine.
And we can set the BRW weapons. <3

Thanks HW devs!

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