Can older versions of Hedgewars be acquired?

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Hey everyone, Hedgewars Tricks here!
Is there any way I can play previous versions of Hedgewars?
(I joined after the death of the rubber duck, and I wanted to try it out) Big Grin

Also, P.S. There is a hat called "Dan". Who is it? Thanks


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Older version binaries should be on our archive page.

If you are on linux and use our Building on Linux page, you can build almost any version just by updating to the appropriate tag which is a bit more efficient, and covers basically everything. Has the bonus of helping us with testing. You might need to satisfy older dependencies though. You can find those in the building on linux page history, or just by dropping by our Live Chat to ask for help.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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Hi, I am a Hedgewars developer. Smile I accept personal donations in bitcoin. Heart 17fsUywHxeMHKG41UFfu34F1rAxZcrVoqH

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