Should fewer keys abort ready time?

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Hey, I like to ask the community a question.

At the start of each time, you get a few seconds of “ready” time (green clock) before the “real” turn starts. It's useful for “hot seat” games.

The ready time ends immediately when you move your hedgehog, causing your “real” turn time to start. For obvious reasons.

But it actually stops for any keypress at the moment, even if you didn't do any actual gameplay action (for example, the “toggle hedgehog tags” or “screenshot” key).

I wonder if we should change this behaviour.

My idea is to only abort the ready time for actions that are actually part of the game. Keypresses that are only relevant on the local machine, like pause, quit, screenshot, HUD changes, etc. should be “save” and not steal your ready time.

Moreover, I also like to make the “open ammo menu” key a “safe” keypress as well, so you can look at your weapons before you start. The ideas here is to basically turn the ready time into a “thinking time”.

So what do you think? Is the current behaviour of the ready time fair or should it be changed?

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So, the intent behind ready time was to allow AFK players or hotseat time to get into their seat.
It was not to allow people time to scan the map or peruse ammo menu for free.

IMO strategising is in-game action and should burn time.

I'm up for it being configurable, by config screen or maybe mode. For example, it'd be thoughtful in frenzy to let people do this perhaps, since otherwise the hotkey mechanism is kinda complicated for people to learn. A mask for the script to apply would avoid that.

That said, this is just my opinion and I don't have strong feelings about it, if players universally want it changed, whatever.

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