Hedgewars 1.0.0 Beta 2

Hellish Hand Grenade

Version 1.0.0 Beta 2 is out! In this version we have fixed many bugs related to building Hedgewars. There's a few minor new features and bugfixes. Also, we have a macOS version!

For Windows users
Download 1.0.0 Beta 2: Hedgewars-1.0.0-Beta2.zip

NEW! For macOS users
Download 1.0.0 Beta 2: Hedgewars-1.0.0-Beta2.dmg

GNU/Linux users:
As always, see Building on GNU/Linux, which should still apply. But it is strongly recommended to run in the console:

cd ~/hg/hedgewars/trunk;hg pull -u;hg up dff37ac61dcf cmake .;make install

To make sure you are in sync with the Windows/macOS version.

Read full post (and changelog)

How to help us testing
See in the post for 1.0.0 Alpha 1.

Changes (compared to 1.0.0 Beta 1)


  • Fix countless general build problems
  • Fix build problems on macOS
  • Fix hedgehog movement stopping when activating flying saucer after a jump
  • Bad behaviour fixed: Girders can no longer be placed in moving hedgehogs and land objects


  • Remember maximized state of windows
  • Add crocodile hat (zoo_crocodile)
  • New icon for switch hedgehog

Crocodile hat looks absolutely beautiful - 10/10
New icon worked like a charm
Did run into that error code 0 problem again after 6 or so battles... I even it installed it on my desktop this time, no One Drive included. I'm not sure where the problem is coming from then if One Drive wasn't in the picture... Oh well. If you need the changelog and other information, just ask.

The Github mirror is not updated.

1/ When I open a room on HW server, I got this in room's chat:
[18:00] !!! Empty config entry.
[18:00] !!! Incorrect command 'false' (state: in room)
[18:00] !!! Empty config entry.
[18:00] !!! Incorrect command 'false' (state: in room)

Without any name for scheme (default scheme isn't selected by default).

2/ I got disconnected from server because of excess flood while playing alone, and I wasn't using chat at this moment. A yellow message "Games message flood detected - 1" appears, but I was able to finish the game, then servor told me the disconnection.
at 3:10.

3/ Wooo I didn't notice earlier the firepunch animation, cool!

4/ "Fix hedgehog movement stopping when activating flying saucer after a jump" ->I'm really glad, I may improve my saucer techracer best time! It was hard in 0.9.25


Works on win10(1903)

edit: I think AC didn't use Beta2, because it works with kraut.
Damn AC!
kraut is a mac user btw.

New report:

Until now I only try alone.
Today we give it a try with AC, no way to start a game.

Plarf, what OS are you on?



I havent really tried it, but as always it will be awesome i'm sure,

One thing, not related to this release, that bother me is :

I installed it, went online, and no one is playing,

There are players, but they are still on 0.25

I wonder if you (the whole team of hedgewars) ever considered an "ingame updater" for hedgewars ?

I think there is a small message on the online lobby to tell you there is a new version but that doesnt seem to push people to update

Have a good day ! Smile

Given how rare releases are, it's not worth the time and effort to make an in-game updater.

Remember that version 1.0.0 Beta 2 is, well, still the beta version and not considered official. While you could theoretically play online with it, the other players need the same version, of course. It's not surprising that most players are still on 0.9.25. This is by design.

Once 1.0.0, there will be a prominent message in the lobby, not before.

About the online lobby message, maybe update links to https.
It was good in some way, because it let me see my httpseverywhere addon was off. Sleepy Smiley

Awesome, I always enjoy new releases.

I've opened two bug reports today for my Battalion script, I hope they're fixed before the 1.0.0 release.

h t t p s : / / issues.hedgewars.org/buglist.cgi?f1=reporter&list_id=3284&o1=equals&resolution=---&v1=%25user%25
[edited to fix the link to one others can access]

@Anachron: Both things have been fixed. Please check if this looks OK for you.

Yes, I've played some testgames and all is good now.

Will playtest 1.0.0 a bit more vs computer and self and see if I can cause any issues on purpose (or random).

I have to admit that after quite some testing the current dev branch is working quite well. There is not much that I'd change and most certainly does not prevent a RC.

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