virus idp.alexa.51

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Hi guys. After a quick check, I haven't found this topic on the forum. Maybe it has already been discussed previously:

a friend of mine tried today to install the Windows version from the Download page (installation on Windows 8). Avast Antivirus blocked the game a few seconds after the first run. It said that the virus/trojan idp.alexa.51 was trying to connect to a distant server through Hedgewars.

'hope this feedback can help in some way.

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Undoubtedly a false positive. Happens. The workplace AV kills our sshd binary every few debian updates due to crappy detection.
You can whitelist it, or report it to customer support.

If you want to be super cautious you can always upload our binary and libraries to virustotal or something.

BTW, just checking, you *did* download from our download page on right?

And... just in case there's a problem with your internet being mitm'd or something - does the hash match?

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