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Today I wanted to play Hedgewars with my kids on the TV while sitting on the couch. I fetched the laptop, connected the HDMI cable and attached a wired Xbox 360 controller.

The first problem was that the menu was super tiny on a 32" Full HD TV 3 meters away. Even on my laptop's full HD screen it's too small. (Changing the zoom in the settings only seems to affect the game, not the menu).

Next problem is that the menu has no gamepad or keyboard control support (apart from "space" to activate a menu item, but it's not visible which item will get activated; pressing the arrow keys does not indicate that another menu item is selected).

And the last problem was that the game does not seem to have a default controller mapping, so that I had the choice to a) map 40 actions to the gamepad buttons or b) ditch the gamepad and play with keyboard and mouse.

In the end even the game with the maximum zoom of 150% was too tiny on the TV screen, and so we disconnected the HDMI cable and played directly on the laptop on the table before us.


It would be nice if hedgewars could be put into a "big screen" mode that scales all the input elements up 200 or 300% so that it can be played on the TV. Gamepad support without manual configuration and keyboard/gamepad navigation in menus would also be nice.

Is it possible to donate money to get that implemented?

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Hi there!

UI-scaling is currently Work-In-Progress.

However, progress is very slow as far as I'm aware.

Mostly due to a lack of spare time¹ among existing volunteer developers.

As high resolution displays are everywhere now, scaling is a common and increasingly important problem.

It surely will be finished/fixed by somebody at some point in the future due to that increasing necessity, but I don't know when that will be.

¹ I doubt donations would help much towards this goal as we lack time more than money - but if you still feel like donating you can find BTC donation addresses in the signatures of some devs (e.g. nemo, Wuzzy).

We do not have a general donation pool for the entire project, as far as I'm aware anyway.

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