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Here is a map I've been working on, and would love some feedback on.

I'm planning on adding more detail to the mud and a bit here and there when I find the time, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

I may add a theme to go with it, but for now I'm just using one of the existing ones.

The map is GPL v.2, like Hedgewars, so feel free to include it in the game if you want (I'd love that). It's made with InkScape, and the original .svg file can be found here.



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Add a second arm pointing in a slightly different direction? or let it struggle to push the earth away or whatever. Atm it COULD be interpreted as something seen during world war 2. Wink Smiley Needs quite some fantasy but still ... Smile A second leg wouldn't matter as well. And how about using Halloween theme instead?

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Things that feel out of place:
* the colour scheme is more pastel than is typical for hedgewars
* the death motif, while not that unusual in the game, is stronger here. the skeleton is not very abstract, is fully represented, and the decay references are much stronger

But. Guess it is up to the art guys.

Oh, what the heck. 1PLXzL1CBUD1kdEWqMrwNUfGrGiirV1WpH <= tip a hedgewars dev

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what smaxx said : what about using the halloween theme instead?

by the way, i like the design of this map - at least on the strategy part (i would Love to play on this map with crazy weapons Smile )
on the art part it's more than ok - better than some that are included on 9.12 at least

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