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Hi! I made a discord server where we can meet and play the game togheter ( :


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The website is broken, it does not work at all without JavaScript.

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I think Discord is one of the new chat variants that is spawning out there, so I'm sure they place a low priority on non-JS clients.
That said, a totally blank page is pretty dumb. You could at least have some descriptive text about the channel, and links to download native clients on android/ios/osx/linux/windows

Personally, I'm getting a bit sick of chat walled gardens. As all the ones I used to use have withered and fallen away, my centerim has become basically a proxy to google hangouts which still supports XMPP ... more or less.

But I haven't added new ones. Most of them don't have good interop. I'm on slack somewhat for a game and work since it supports IRC, and that's about it besides freenode.

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the beachs hogs surfin hedgewars

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So, the Discord server is as dead as the forum, but I got admin rights today and reorganized the server to... actually look like a proper server. If it was linked somewhere on the website that would be cool. New-coming players are more likely to check Discord than IRC. Unless we are accepting that the game is unpopular and stick to the FOSS community. Then ok, I guess.

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