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Ahoy there,
Was looking to play some Hedgewars again, and one way or another, after buying a new PC, all my stuff was removed. Anywho, went to click the downloadable content button, only to discover error code 6 popped up, saying that I needed an internet connection, but I didn't appear to be online. I was able to join multiplayer rooms just fine and was signed into my account doing so... I assumed something might've been wrong with the Steam build, so I uninstalled it from Steam and downloaded it here, but the same problem occurred.
I haven't been keeping up with Hedgewars news recently, so this might've been addressed already, and I hadn't noticed it (apologies if that is, in fact, the case), but regardless, what is the most likely cause of said error code? and how do I fix it so I can access the Hedgewars DLC?


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DLC page seems to work fine for me. :/

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