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I have an XBOX One controller. Hedgewars does detect it and it does acknowledge that it is an XInput controller. However, in the settings menu for controlls the buttons of it are labelled not like on the controller, like for example "A", "B", "left trigger", "left analog stick up" etc., but as for example "Button 1", "Button 2", "Axis 6 Down" etc. Do I need to figure out which button is which myself or is there a "dictionary" available?
Also, I would appreciate being able to just simply press the button to set it and not being forced to scroll through the drop-down list.
Thank you in advance for help.

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Do I need to figure out which button is which myself or is there a "dictionary" available?
There is none. But you can post it here if you figure it out Wink Smiley

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We were talking about using a little capture popup for people to type a key or other input event to record a pure action without any translation problems. Conveniently it'd avoid the long list issue too.

That has not (yet) happened.

Maybe you could help out with that Smile

As for xbox controller, totally unfamiliar with that myself, sorry.

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