PAotH Comics 91-95

Hello again folks! Star here bringing you more PAotH shenanigans! Here we have comics 91-95. If you'd like to check out earlier comics, go here.

Space Campaign, More Side Missions

Hello everyone!

I am going to talk you about some side missions that I was working lately.

These are:
* Precise shooting, Fruit Planet
* Killing the specialists, Death Planet
* Precise flying, Desert Planet

In "Precise shooting" Hog Solo got lost and got ambushed by some "Red Strawberries" hedgehogs. In the mission he has to fight them only by using 2 watermelons, rifle sniper and teleport. When he kills an enemy hog he gets 1 sniper and 1 teleport with max 4 snipers and 2 teleports.

Also, in the first round he has 25 sec to play and in all the other rounds he has 15 sec. However, if he skip a round then the time that has left gets added to the next round.

In "Killing the specialists" Hog Solo gets again into trouble and he has to defeat the team "5 deadly hogs" in their own deadly game. This is again a battle related mission. Each of the 5 enemies control a specific weapon ( one of desert eagle, mortar, bazooka, fire punch and grenade) and the hero has some ammo of all that weapons (plus 2 ropes).

Now, if he kills one enemy, his ammo is restored to the original except the one of the hog that he killed. So, if i.e. he kills the mortar enemy then he won't be able to use mortar again for the rest of the game. A random enemy hog will inherit the deceased hog's weapon.

Also, if hero injure an enemy hog, then he'll get the 30% of the damage inflicted but if he kills an enemy he'll get to 100hp, regardless of his previous hp.

That's all about it. The order that the enemy hogs play is random so this mission may be potentially hard or not.

Finally, in the "Precise flying" mission Hog Solo had some time to play with his favorite RC plane.

Space Campaign, Last Planet

Hello all!

Last week I worked on the last planet where the hero will have to fight against his arch enemy, Professor Hogevil, in order to acquire the last piece of the device.

This planet's theme is hell and the name of the planet is Death Planet, because it's about an uninhabitable planet with an extremely unfriendly environment.

The mission is finished but I need to make some difficulty adjustments and maybe a few changes that I have in mind.

Call for Testing

As most of the campaign is now completed I would like to invite you to
test it and report any bugs/problems you may notice.

Windows people can download a build here. Just download the zip file, unzip it and run hedgewars.exe

Linux people can build it from source (instructions here) but please notice that you have to build the spacecampaign branch. If you face any problems post a comment below.

Also, you should better backup your hedgewars configuration files.
In Windows they should be in c:\Users\your_username\Documents\Hedgewars
In Linux they are in ~/.hedgewars

If you try it please report in the comments below any bugs that you may face or any suggestions that you may have.

These days I am working on some side missions. I'll tell you more about it the next week.

Thanks! :D

Space Campaign, Fruit Planet

Hello! Today I am going to talk to you about the Fruit Planets mission.
I have decided in the last moment to split this main mission in two parts.

In the first part the hero has just arrived in the Fruit Planet, where unfortunately a war is about to begin. Our hero has to pick if he's going to participate in the battle or try to escape from the war zone.

In the second part we have to check a tunnel and collect the crate that
beholds the lost part. This mission contains some tricky parts that may require to be played more than once if you aren't very skillful or lucky. However, as usual there are check points so if one fails she hasn't to play the mission from the beginning again.

Here are some highlights:

Stay tuned for more news!

Space Campaign, Side Missions

Hi all! Today I am gonna show you the side missions that I have made.

The first one is for the Desert Planet. Our hero was searching for the device parts in a tunnel when suddenly the tunnel start flooding!
He has to be fast and reach the surface in order to survive. Also, as you can see, there are many mines around there but most of them are dub. However, our hero cannot tell which is active or not, so he has to be careful!

The second mission takes place in the Planet of Ice and more precisely in the stadium of Saucer flying! Our hero as a PAotH aviator cannot resist from trying to prove his skills. In this mission our hero has to use only the flying saucer and pass the red rings in time!

That's the side missions that I have made so far. I am going to reward completing other side missions with bonuses in the main mission but I think that I'll leave these 2 without giving such bonuses.

See you next week with more space campaign stuff :)

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